What is home care?

Home care is when a professional caregiver comes to you to help with the  Activities of Daily Living (ADL's). The things we all do to stay happy and healthy. That could mean a ride to a doctor’s appointment or weekly bridge game. It could be a steady arm to hold on your daily walk—and some friendly encouragement to get up and out the door.

Home care also can mean help with medication reminders, grocery shopping and meal preparation, bathing and personal care, light housekeeping and other household chores, or just good conversation over coffee.

Home care is help with just about anything you need to continue to live in your home safely and happily as you age.




Home care can also support families coping with serious illnesses, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s or other dementia, Parkinson’s, heart disease, COPD, or other age-related conditions. In these situations, a care professional can step in to give family caregivers a break (called respite care), support other professionals on a care team, or provide round-the-clock care if necessary. 

Home care can take place wherever your home may be, whether temporary or permanent. A care professional can help in a rehab facility, providing companionship and additional support, or in an assisted living facility if a loved one isn’t getting enough quality care or attention.

The best home care is personalized to meet the needs of the care recipient and the family—and flexible enough to change with those needs. So home care can be a little help with one thing or a lot of help with many things. And it can be different each day and each week. 



  • Personalized

  • Flexible

  • Easy to manage

  • Provided by skilled professionals you can trust


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What is Non-Medical Home Care?

Caring Companions provides non-medical home care, which is what most families initially need. This means that our Caregivers are not permitted to do certain tasks that a nurse is more qualified to handle. For example, our Caregivers cannot give injections, change a colostomy bag, load a pill organizer, or change a catheter. If you need professional help at home with these kinds of tasks, it may be more cost effective to hire a nurse for an hour or two per day and then arrange for non-medical home care for longer periods.

Not sure what type of help you need—or if you need care?

No problem. Caring Companions can help with that too.

We find that most of our new clients aren’t sure what type of care they need or how many hours of care they want until speaking with our Care Managers. That’s the whole idea behind our Care Assessment, the first visit you schedule when you set up care with Caring Companions.

At your Care Assessment, our experienced Care Managers visits your home for an hour, gets to know you, your living environment, your needs, and wants. Then we help you determine what level of care would be most helpful. You’re informed, in charge and in control. And your family is always welcome.

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