Senior Check-In Visits

As our loved ones age, they periodically need a wellness check to ensure that they are in good health and spirits. Our parents and grandparents sometimes tell half-truths about the condition of their health and home.

Benefits of Senior Check-In Visits

Peace of Mind

Whether you live close by or far away, at times it can be difficult to do a regular wellness check on your loved one. At Caring Companions Senior Home Care, we understand that life can get busy, so we aim to give our client’s families peace of mind with check-in visits. When you know that the person you love is safe and well, you are free to focus on life’s pressing matters. When you sign up for Senior Check-In Visits, you will receive a monthly report describing your loved one’s wellbeing, keeping you up to date on exactly what is going on.


Seniors who live alone often experience social isolation and feelings of loneliness, which causes their health to decline. That is why companion care is so important! During a check-in visit, your loved one will discuss their wellbeing with one of our compassionate caregivers who treat them with kindness, dignity, and respect that they deserve. Even better, over time your loved one can form a relationship with their caregivers, bringing valuable social interaction and a true sense of trust and emotional support.

Trained Professionals

Caring Companions Senior Home Care caregivers are professionals who are trained to identify areas of concern, or “red flags” for your loved one. The main purpose of a Senior Check-In is to ensure that your loved one is healthy and happy; if they are not, our trained professional caregivers can notify you and help you take action as soon as possible. In addition, starting with Senior Check-Ins gives you access to quick-start home care.

Service Includes:

  • Home Safety Assessment

  • Weekly Calls by a member of the care team specifically designed to get important health information

  • Two (or Four), one-hour in-home wellness visits per month

  • Monthly report from a member of the care team

  • Immediate report of any “red-flags” including home safety issues, nutrition, medication management, mental/physical health, and fall risk

  • A sole point of contact for all of your senior care needs

  • Access to quick start Home Care

Contact Us

If you would like to schedule a Senior Check-In Visit for your senior family member, please contact us today.

Caring Companions can help with...


Medication reminders

Timely prompts to take medication, drink water, and other daily wellness needs


Wherever you’re going, get a ride in a comfortable car—or yours if you prefer.

Check-in Visits

A skilled caregiver can be there in as little as 2 hours—24/7—to check in on you or a loved one.

Staying active

Support to keep you moving and healthy, from a simple walk to specific exercises.

Personal Care & Hygiene

Assistance with dressing, bathing, or toileting—always respectful and professional.

Light housekeeping

Doing dishes or laundry, taking out the trash, plus seasonal projects and organizing.


Meal Prep & Groceries

From shopping for groceries to planning and preparing healthy meals you’ll love.


Doing activities, building friendships, fellowship, and community—or just talking