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Personal care services can help seniors retain their independence even when they need help with the most pressing needs. Family members are often at a loss on what to do when their loved one begins needing help with tasks like bathing, dressing, and toileting. It can be a touchy subject and can lead to uncomfortable situations. At Caring Companions, our professional caregivers are professionally trained to help seniors with their most intimate of tasks. We offer these services in a respectful and dignified manner to ensure your aging loved one is as comfortable as possible.

How Can Caring Companions Help?

Our team can provide dignified and respectful personal care services to seniors struggling with personal tasks like:

  • Caring Companions’ trained caregivers aid with personal care needs ranging from stand-by assistance to full care depending on each client’s individual needs
  • Bathing, grooming and overall appearance
  • Mobility assistance
  • Assistance with position changes and transfers for those clients that are bedbound or may need assistance with getting in and out of bed
  • Incontinence care, toileting needs, and safety in the bathroom
  • Assistance with preparing and serving meals, and support for special diets
  • Care for those with memory issues or cognitive impairments
  • Medication reminders and management
  • Assisting with outings, social events, shopping trips, and other activities of interest to maintain engagement both physically and emotionally
  • Support for physician-prescribed nutrition and exercise programs
  • Change in condition monitoring
  • Fall risk assessment and assistance with fall prevention
  • We also provide other core senior care services, including 24-hour care (around the clock), and specialized care for seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Many seniors struggle with tasks like these due to limited mobility, poor vision, lack of strength, and other conditions. Our caregivers can be there to lend their arms for support, guide them to ensure they don’t slip or trip, and even help them with personal tasks if they are unable to perform them on their own. They can also clean up accidental messes and help change depends.

Keeping Your Loved One Healthy and Clean

Needing personal care services can be a difficult issue for a senior to discuss. Although it is very common among the elderly to needing additional help with intimate needs, most would rather not have to admit to having this issue. If your loved one is not willing to ask for help, hygiene issues can arise and may compound over time.

At Caring Companions, we will provide a care plan that includes exceptional care assistance that will help with daily hygiene, mobility, meal preparation, fall prevention, transportation, incontinence, clean-up, and more. By building a trusted relationship, our caregivers will help your loved ones in the comfort of home. A big part of dealing with incontinence care is simply remaining clean and comfortable to ensure senior’s quality of life is as good as possible.

Part of a Bigger Picture

A private, home care provider to assist with incontinence can be a great relief to a senior. However, a senior living at home is likely to need more help than just personal care. With Caring Companions, we can design an all-around plan to incorporate the various senior care services necessary to make your senior loved one’s life as comfortable, safe, and enjoyable as possible. Needs vary dramatically from person to person, so we always customize our care to make sure it is a perfect fit for the individual in question.

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By conducting a comprehensive in-home care assessment, we are able to develop a very thorough care plan for each person, which includes placing a caregiver who matches the needs, lifestyle, and personality of the client. This relationship is critical, so we carefully work with the client over the first few weeks to make sure that the caregiver is a suitable match. If it doesn’t seem to be the right fit, we work personally with the client to find a different caregiver that more comfortably meets their needs and wants.

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